Fresco Books produces unique books and catalogs for artists, galleries and museums throughout the United States. Fresco was founded in response to the need in the Santa Fe art community for beautifully designed art books and catalogs that could be produced at a cost that was affordable, and within a time frame that kept the project fresh and enjoyable.


Fresco has brought together experts in every facet of book production and publishing. A team of the finest managers, designers, printers, color experts, writers and distributors has come together to produce extraordinary catalogs and books for artists and galleries. Any or all of the following services are available:

Fresco manages the project from start to finish, provides design and production services, and advises the client along the way in making decisions crucial to creating an excellent book.

Fresco can provide writers with art expertise for your book, we can work with a writer of your choosing, or we can approach specific writers on your behalf.

Mankus Studios works very closely with the artist. Works of art are directly captured digitally in 16-bit color for highly accurate results, or are scanned conventionally with the studio's drum scanner from existing transparencies. Proofs are then prepared for the artist's approval, allowing for finetuning of the reproductions to the artist's specifications. Final proofs are calibrated to our printer's press and are then used by press operators to match to the original.

Since moving to Santa Fe from Chicago in 2001, Mankus Studios has founded Santa Fe Editions (www.sfeditions.com), for the exploration of original fine art printmaking in the digital medium. The Studio, located on the historic east side of Santa Fe, is a laboratory for the latest technology in digital reproduction.

Fine Italian printers with excellent service, pricing, short turnaround time, and superior printing capabilities. Printing is also available in U.S. and Asia.

The University of New Mexico Press, one of the premier cultural institutions of the Southwest, can distribute your book nationally at over 7000 venues through Fresco Books.